No crime in playing Pokemon


Here is an excerpt of an editorial from the Los Angeles Times, which was published Friday.

IT IS with a straight face that we report that the parents of five San Diego children filed a class-action lawsuit recently alleging that the makers of the wildly popular Pokemon trading cards are setting their kids on the road to rack and ruin by encouraging them to, well, gamble.

In essence, the complaint alleges that collecting trading cards is a form of illegal gambling because the odds of finding any one of the 150 different cards in any given package vary greatly.

We're pretty sure these parents were once kids themselves. They might have even once coveted baseball cards with the same singular fierceness. Or POGs, the once-popular bottle cap game pieces.

As Professor Harold Hill, a character in the musical "The Music Man" might have observed, we're talking frivolous lawsuit with a capital F.

Pub Date: 9/28/99

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