Neighborhood votes against developer's $6 million project


Residents of the Lake Falls South neighborhood in North Baltimore voted yesterday against a $6 million project to build homes on a parcel just south of the Baltimore County line.

The lack of support for the 18 single-family homes and 12 semidetached residences on 9 acres near Falls Road and Lake Avenue means the project is temporarily, and perhaps permanently, on hold.

Because the property is zoned for single-family homes, the project would have required legislation to create a planned unit development. But Councilwoman Rochelle "Rikki" Spector, a Democrat who represents the area, said last night she will respect the neighborhood's wishes and will not submit the legislation.

Of the households surveyed by the Lake Falls South Community Association, 46 opposed the project and 27 supported it. The community has about 100 property owners.

"It doesn't sound like a consensus of the community," Spector said. However, the project could be reconsidered in a few months if developers are still interested, she said.

"There's no false deadline. The community is going to be there. The developer is going to be there. It needs more work," Spector said.

The project was proposed by Struever Bros. Eccles & Rouse.

T. Allen Mott, president of the community association, said many residents felt they did not know enough about the project to support it.

"The basic concern was people felt they needed more time and more information," Mott said. "There is a willingness to study this and work with the developer to the extent they want to move forward. This wasn't a vote to end any further discussions."

Pub Date: 9/27/99

The spelling of C. William Struever has been corrected for the archive database. See microfilm for original story.
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