Being one with your work space, with a little help from a $25 kit


Look at the southeast corner of your desk. Is there a jade plant positioned there? No? And is your desk all messy and cluttered? Yes? No wonder your job seems like such a grind. You might want to pick up a "Feng Shui Desk for Success Tool Kit" to get your energy back in alignment.

The kit is the latest offering from Angi Ma Wong, a Los Angeles business consultant whose intercultural offerings include lectures, seminars and books, with an emphasis on feng shui.

Her new office kit (about $25) has reduced the centuries-old Chinese art of placement to a folded cardboard circle. It opens on a desktop and, with the help of an accompanying chart and compass, guides the user toward proper arrangement of the desk and the room around it.

Aligning your energy with that of nature, the author says, creates a stress-free, harmonious and prosperous workplace.

Wong's products are available at

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