Doris Allen, 63, a maverick Orange County...


Doris Allen, 63, a maverick Orange County Republican who became the California Assembly's first female speaker, died in Sacramento, Calif., on Wednesday of colon cancer.

Mrs. Allen spent 12 years in the Assembly. She sparked a ferocious GOP fight by using the Democratic backing of former Speaker Willie Brown, who was being pushed out by term limits, to gain enough votes to become speaker. Mrs. Allen, who was removed from office in 1995 by a recall campaign, believed she never received credit for what she had accomplished during her four-month tenure as speaker.

J. Doug Kelm, 76, a former campaign aide for former Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey, and a lobbyist and chairman of the Metropolitan Transit Commission in St. Paul, Minn., died Monday at a Canadian fishing lodge. Mr. Kelm was recently in the spotlight for his lobbying to derail the state's lawsuit against tobacco companies. He said the lawsuit would hurt Minnesota taxpayers while helping lawyers.

Bishop Basil Rodzianko,84, the retired bishop of the Orthodox Church in America, died of a heart attack Sept. 17 in Washington.

Andre Kostolany, 93, Europe's best-known stock market expert, died Tuesday in Paris. He gained most of his market knowledge while working in the United States from 1941 to 1950 as general director of the G. Ballai and Cie financing company.

Pub Date: 9/24/99

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