She keeps an eye on the details; Candid Closet: Jackie Milad, 24, of White Marsh, brings an artist's sense to the clothing she wears.


Jackie Milad, all of 24, is a jewelry designer, painter and one of the curators for the Big Show, the Fells Point Creative Alliance's annual exhibition of work by its members in venues throughout Fells Point. (The show opens Tuesday. Call 410-276-1651.)

In curating her portion of the Big Show, which will be exhibited at Margaret's Cafe, Milad, of White Marsh, relied on the same sensibilities she brings to choosing clothing. A curator "has to have an eye for style and combining styles," she says. How do you bring your artist's eye to choosing clothing?

The thing I always look for is the detail. When I'm shopping, not only for clothes, but anything, I look for the small things that nobody thinks about, like the choice or placement of a button.

Where do you buy things?

I go to New York a lot where I do a lot of my shopping. When I have the money, I like to support young fashion designers who have small boutiques downtown. A lot of them are opening up in the East Village that are really great. A friend of mind, Maria Chen, does a lot of layering, and Margaret LeFaye is someone whose work I aspire to buy. She also does a lot of layering, using strange cuts and pieces of fabric that seem unnecessary, but add to the whole look.

How do you achieve that look without lots of money?

I try to do the poor man's version. I go to places like the Gap and J. Crew. I use some of their simple things and add to them.

Did your semester in Florence influence your style?

It changed the way I dress. Now, I'm obsessed with finding Italian-made shoes like Sacco.

Where do you shop here?

I've noticed a lot more stores popping up that I'm interested in, like Bombshell on Charles Street.

What about your hair?

I like to do crazy things to it. Right now I have my natural black hair on top, and red on the bottom. I go to Neal's in Baltimore. It's fun. They play show tunes.

What about accessories?

I don't like heels, I don't like long fingernails, I don't wear makeup. I wear glasses. The latest pair I bought at DeBrouse Opticians in Parkville. They have a whole bunch of old frames that customers recycled. They brought out buckets. I found a great pair of cat eye frames. They cost $10!

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Pub Date: 9/23/99

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