'Severna Park Reflections' nears second publication


WHEN "SEVERNA Park Reflections" was published in 1997, all 1,000 copies flew off the shelves. Now, the popular glance at personal histories from old Severna Park is going into a second publication.

For $50, the name of your family, organization or business will be included in the patron listings. Hardcover copies cost an additional $15.

Edited by Elsie Wingate Mullinix and Kathleen Giddings Hankins, "Severna Park Reflections" tells the stories of favorite Park people and places, and is filled with old-time photos.

Published by Severna Park Old Timers and Bay Media Inc., the book will go to print when enough money has been raised through patronage to cover the cost of printing. The new copies will be available at the Community Center at Woods. Information: 410-647-5843.

Big band sound

The Anne Arundel Community Concert Association begins its first subscription presentation of the season at 4 p.m. Oct. 24, a salute to the music of World War II and the big band sound by the dancing troupe Taylor 2.

The Taylor 2 performance will be at Glen Burnie High School. All other concerts are at Severna Park High School.

As it has for 49 years, the concert subscription remains a major entertainment bargain at $35 per adult. Tickets for one parent and all children living at home are $45; for two parents and children at home, $80. For information, call 410-647-4881.

Asian exercise

A class for seniors in the ancient Korean and Chinese forms of exercise known as ki gong and tai chi is offered from 1 p.m. to 1: 45 p.m., Monday and Wednesday, at Holy Grounds Youth Center at Woods Community Center in Old Severna Park.

Ki Gong translates to "the way to vital energy." Tai Chi, meaning "great universe," emphasizes slow, fluid movements which improve balance, posture, breathing and concentration.

Celeste Love, a Korean martial arts instructor and expert in Ki Gong and Tai Chi, will teach the class. Since moving from New Jersey about six years ago, Love has taught Asian exercise systems to all ages, and she plans to begin a nighttime adult class at Woods soon.

"We encourage people to come any time to observe a class," she said. "The class is very nonconfrontational. The only competition is with yourself.

"I consider this an exercise in self-awareness."

Information: 410-647-7286.

Pub Date: 9/23/99

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