TV as a learning tool


While many parents are concerned about the influence of television on their child's reading development, most agree that TV is a powerful medium in their child's life. Here are ways parents can blend television and your child's reading for a positive outcome.

* Set up a daily schedule in which you fill in times for meals, homework, regular lessons or activities, as well as times for favorite TV shows. Use the opportunity to look at TV listings, set guidelines and select the shows you will watch together. Discuss the reasons for your program choices.

* Help your child use comprehension skills that will carry over to reading by predicting what you expect to see, summarizing the show when it's over and analyzing what you learned.

* Select an article or review about an upcoming TV program or personality and read it aloud to your child. Ask your child to listen for facts or ideas about the show. Listening is an important skill that can be transferred to reading.

* Use television to help your child become a critical viewer. Talk about the difference between pretend stories on TV and in books and real life. Discuss how commercials use special effects and celebrities to sway us to buy products.

* Look for TV programs based on books. Read the book before watching the show, and then have a discussion comparing the two.

Pub Date: 09/22/99

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