Hopkins lacrosse player accused of rape; Goalie also jailed on assault charge


A star lacrosse player who helped lead the Johns Hopkins University to the national tournament last year has been charged with raping a student early Saturday at her off-campus apartment.

Brian Joseph Carcaterra, 21, a senior majoring in political science and an All-America lacrosse player, was arrested Monday night by police and charged with second-degree rape and second-degree assault. He was being held last night at the city detention center in lieu of $25,000 bail.

The woman told police she believes she was drugged, and investigators said they found an unknown sediment in the bottom of a glass partially filled with white wine that the woman said she had been drinking from.

Baltimore police cautioned that the substance has not been tested.

"Toxicology tests will be conducted on some of the evidence retrieved from the scene," said police spokeswoman Agent Ragina L. Cooper.

Carcaterra's status with the Blue Jays team and at Hopkins was uncertain yesterday. School spokesman Dennis O'Shea said officials are gathering informationand have not decided what action to take.

"The allegations are extremely serious," O'Shea said, adding that the university offers several programs to students to educate them about proper conduct, including ones on substance abuse and acquaintance rape.

Carcaterra was named national goalkeeper of the year in 1997, was a first-team All-American last year and a second-team All-American for the season that starts in the spring. He is fifth in career saves in school history and considered one of Hopkins' best players.

A lawyer representing Carcaterra could not be reached for comment. The player's mother, Diane, declined to comment when reached by telephone at the family home in Yorktown Heights, N.Y.

Police said the alleged incident occurred early Saturday in the woman's penthouse apartment on North Charles Street. Court documents filed yesterday by police Officer Ralph Zimmer said the woman and Carcaterra were among a small group that met for drinks about 1: 45 a.m. at PJ's Pub in the 3300 block of N. Charles St.

After a short time there, the woman, one of her roommates and Carcaterra went to the apartment with a bottle of wine purchased from a nearby store

Police said the three drank from individual glasses for about a half-hour, until about 2: 45 a.m., then three male friends stopped by. The men left about 3: 30 a.m., and the woman's roommate went to her bedroom.

Fifteen minutes later, one of the men returned to the building and called up to the apartment several times from the lobby. But police said that when the man called, "Brian would answer and would state that he had the wrong apartment."

"Unbeknownst to [the visitor] was the fact that the [woman] and [her roommate] were suffering from the effects of the wine and the possible narcotic," court documents say.

After an hour, one of the women heard the man calling and buzzed him upstairs. He went to the woman's roommate's room.

A few minutes later, another female roommate found the woman asleep in a bathroom closet, court documents say. The roommate then helped the woman get into her bed. According to the court documents, shortly thereafter, the roommate saw Carcaterra get into bed with the woman. At 11 a.m., after Carcaterra had left, police said the woman woke up and walked into her roommate's room and asked what had happened.

The roommate "then becomes aware of the fact that the [woman] has almost no recollection of what transpired the night before," the court documents said. They add that the two women "were able to piece together the evening and realized that a rape may have occurred, and that the drinks may have been contaminated."

The documents say that doctors at Greater Baltimore Medical Center confirmed that sexual activity had occurred.

The incident is the second rape charge involving a college lacrosse player in Baltimore in 10 days. Last week, Johnathan Wellington Cline, 21, a former Loyola College player who transferred to Anne Arundel Community College, was charged with raping a student at an off-campus party.

Sun staff writer Jamison Hensley contributed to this article.

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