Erickson stars in return of innings monster


ARLINGTON, Texas -- Scott Erickson makes his 33rd start tonight with a chance to achieve 15 wins. Given his 1-8 start, Erickson has another equally impressive opportunity to lead the American League in innings pitched for the second consecutive season.

With 215 1/3 innings, Erickson makes tonight's appearance trailing Jamie Moyer's 223 innings.

"He's been one of the big reasons we've come on so well since the break," said manager Ray Miller, referring to Erickson's 10-3 record in the second half, including three wins during the team's current winning streak. "We've gone from 13th in the league in pitching to fourth."

Miller has made much ado about giving those enjoying solid seasons the chance to achieve personal milestones. Erickson's innings quest is among those receiving such consideration.

"I'll treat him like I always do, but I'm also conscious that he's in this position," Miller said.

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