An uDDerly cool town; Just for kids; YAK ON THE ROAD


Cowabunga! Have you heard about the herd of cows hanging around downtown Chicago?

There are 300 in all. Most are simply standing on the sidewalks in busy shopping and tourist areas. There are even a few on top of buildings. The cows are part of an exhibit called -- what else? -- Cows on Parade.

Where did they come from?A businessman spotted the creatively painted cows in Zurich, Switzerland, and came home with the idea to try a cow show in Chicago.

The cows -- which weigh about 600 pounds -- went over big. (A cow's body is made of Fiberglas, which weighs only 40 pounds. The rest of the weight is the cow's concrete base.) People can't help but look at them and smile.

Local artists decorated the cows with all sorts of things -- mirrors, pebbles, bottle caps, you name it.

Did the Yak have a favorite? Yes, until he saw the next cow. Each one was whimsical and wonderful in its own way. There was a construction worker cow wearing a hard hat, another sporting bunny slippers and a superhero cow in a cape and mask. There was a Marilyn Monroe cow in a red dress and high heels.

There was a cow covered with the handprints of local children. And the cow inside the Chicago Cultural Center is covered with 21,000 gumdrops.

The cows will be around until the end of October. Then they will be auctioned off to raise money for charities

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