Orioles' ups and downs


Jerry Hairston Jr. - UP - Last year, the rookie second baseman asked the club to announce his entire name -- including "Jr." -- during pre-game introductions. If Hairston maintains his current level of development, the team should stencil the entire handle on his back.

Mike Bordick - UP - Last season, he hit like Mitch Williams vs. left-handed pitching. This year he looks like Ted Williams vs. the same.

Hurricane Floyd - DOWN - The Orioles rescheduled two rainouts against Oakland for Thursday's travel day between Dallas and Boston. Nothing like an impromptu doubleheader in September to energize a fourth-place team and its local fan base. Losing a game is one thing. Losing a gate unthinkable.

B. J. Surhoff - UP- Something novel: a 35-year-old left fielder enjoys a career season immediately after signing a multi-year contract. He's this season's team MVP.

Call-up oversight - DOWN- Citing a jammed roster, the Orioles didn't promote catcher Julio Vinas. Never mind the Orioles still carry only two catchers. Never mind Vinas led Rochester in hitting. Never mind the Cuban-American held his tongue and accompanied the team on its Havana exhibition in March. It would have been a big move to Vinas. Instead, it was a small one by the Orioles.

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