Tick Tock; Just for kids


To help you have a fab school year, we'll give you 12 tips to get you through until next summer!

Try our top tips for a tiptop year!

1 Get organized! Clean your room, de-clutter by giving away stuff you don't want anymore.

2 Set up a study pad in your room with good light and a supply of pens and pencils.

3 Set goals and make a plan.

4 What do you carry with you every single day? Write all the combinations for your gym locker, hall locker, etc., in it -- but reverse the order of numbers in case anyone sees it.

5 In the front of your notebook, keep a running list of all the math formulas you use this year.

6 Have the phone number of one trusted student in each class to call if you forget the homework or don't understand the assignment.

7 Keep a list at the front of your notebook that has every word a teacher marks as a misspelling.

8 As soon as you get your first long-term project, break it into short sections and do it a bit at a time.

9 Join a new club or activity.

10 End morning panic. Set clothes out the night before.

11 Read your handbook. This year, read it -- the manual is really a contract between you and the school. It's not just about what you have to do -- it also says what administrators and teachers have to do for you!

12 Not in the mood to do an assignment? At least start it. That's the hardest part.

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