Md. Court of Appeals punishes two lawyers


The state's highest court is punishing two lawyers who handled injury cases referred by a con artist serving 27 months in a federal prison.

The Court of Appeals decided yesterday to suspend Versteal Kemp of Baltimore for three years and to bar T. Clarence Harper of Washington from getting a law license in Maryland.

Kemp and Harper opened a Baltimore law office to take over the clients of Burton M. Greenstein, who was disbarred in 1995. Deborah S. Kolodner, convicted of running an insurance swindle at a physical therapy clinic that federal prosecutors called a "fraud factory," sent clients first to her husband, who was disbarred in 1991 and has since died, and then to Greenstein.

The court said Harper set up an office "to wring whatever value he could" from a disbarred lawyer's cases. Kemp, who was reprimanded in 1985 for financial misconduct, supplied a "cover" for Harper, the top court said.

Pub Date: 9/16/99

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