Cosby won't buy share of Ravens


Comedian Bill Cosby has no interest in being a part-owner of the Ravens, a spokesman said yesterday.

Ravens owner Art Modell, who is looking for a partner to buy a part of the team so he can pay down its debt, had said Cosby might be someone to approach about investing.

Cosby, a friend of Modell's, was a member of a group of investors that Modell backed in an unsuccessful bid for the expansion franchise in Cleveland.

"He loves watching the Ravens play and he thinks they have a wonderful stadium, but he does not have an interest or any plans to buy any part of the club," said Cosby spokesman David Brokaw.

"He does not have an interest in owning a club. I don't see that as an area of pursuit for him," he said.

Pub Date: 9/16/99

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