Injury report



Pittsburgh at Ravens

STEELERS: Out: LB Mike Vrabel (arm). Questionable: G Alan Faneca (ankle); RB Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala (ankle). Probable: RB Jerome Bettis (calf); WR Will Blackwell (concussion); G Brenden Stai (back).

RAVENS: Questionable: T James Atkins (thigh); DE Rob Burnett (knee); RB Priest Holmes (knee); WR Patrick Johnson (calf); T Jonathan Ogden (hip). Probable: TE Greg DeLong (shoulder).

Arizona at Miami

CARDINALS: Out: DT Eric Swann (knee). Probable: DT Jerry Drake (hand); WR Andy McCullough (ill).

DOLPHINS: Out: LB Anthony Harris (groin); DE Dimitrius Underwood shoulder). Doubtful: DE Kenny Mixon (ankle). Questionable: RB Cecil Collins (ankle). Probable: RB Stanley Pritchett (knee); LB Zach Thomas (trapezius).

Cleveland at Tennessee

BROWNS: Probable: DE Roy Barker (shoulder); LB Lenoy Jones (quadriceps); S Tim McTyer (neck); S Marquez Pope (quadriceps).

TITANS: Out: WR Derrick Mason (knee). Questionable: WR Isaac Byrd (groin); TE Jackie Harris (ribs); DE Kenny Holmes (ankle); S Steve Jackson (hamstring); G Jason Layman (finger); T Jason Mathews (back); DT Joe Salave'a (calf); CB Denard Walker (shoulder).

Denver at Kansas City

BRONCOS: Out: S George Coghill (knee). Questionable: WR Rod Smith (groin). Probable: CB Ray Crockett (arm); RB Terrell Davis (wrist); QB Brian Griese (thigh-shoulder); T Matt Lepsis (leg); RB Anthony Lynn (toe); WR Ed McCaffrey (leg); QB Chris Miller (elbow); G Mark Schlereth (back); TE Shannon Sharpe (ankle); CB Chris Watson (thigh); LB Al Wilson (groin).

CHIEFS: Questionable: TE Tony Gonzalez (knee); DE Dan Williams (thigh). Probable: DT Chester McGlockton (back); G Dave Szott (knee).

Green Bay at Detroit

PACKERS: Probable: G Joe Andruzzi (knee); T Earl Dotson (back); QB Brett Favre (thumb); DE Vonnie Holliday (back).

LIONS: Out: DE Jared DeVries (foot); WR Herman Moore (knee). Questionable: TE Pete Chryplewicz (calf); C Mike Compton (knee); T Tony Ramirez (ankle).

Indianapolis at New England

COLTS: Out: LB Jeff Brady (knee-ankle); RB Darick Holmes (ankle). Questionable: CB Jason Belser (knee); CB Paul Miranda (knee). Probable: LB Cornelius Bennett (knee); KR Terrance Wilkins (head).

PATRIOTS: Out: LB Ted Johnson (biceps). Questionable: G Heath Irwin (knee); T Zefross Moss (ankle).

Jacksonville at Carolina

JAGUARS: Questionable: LB Bryce Paup (pectoral); LB Bryan Schwartz (hamstring); RB Fred Taylor (foot). Probable: S Donovin Darius (ribs); RB Chris Howard (shoulder).

PANTHERS: Out: LB Hannibal Navies (knee). Questionable: RB Chris Hetherington (shoulder). Probable: QB Steve Beuerlein (knee); DT Sean Gilbert (ribs); S Mike Minter (ankle); G Anthony Redmon (elbow).

New Orleans at San Francisco

SAINTS: Doubtful: CB Earl Little (concussion). Questionable: TE Cam Cleeland (Achilles); LB Vinson Smith (flu); RB Ricky Williams (ankle). Probable: DE Jared Tomich (calf). 49ERS: Out: TE Shonn Bell (shoulder); TE Greg Clark (rib). Questionable: LB Anthony Peterson (hamstring). Probable: RB Travis Jervey (ankle); DT Reggie McGrew (knee); G Phil Ostrowski (foot); LB Lee Woodall (hip).

Oakland at Minnesota

RAIDERS: Out: QB Scott Dreisbach (leg); T Matt Stinchcomb (shoulder). Questionable: RB Zack Crockett (foot). Probable: LB Eric Barton (groin).

VIKINGS: Out: WR Matthew Hatchette (ankle). Questionable: CB Antonio Banks (quadriceps). Probable: DE Stalin Colinet (toe); DE Martin Harrison (knee); RB Moe Williams (hamstring).

San Diego at Cincinnati

CHARGERS: Out: WR Charlie Jones (hip); QB Ryan Leaf (shoulder). Questionable: S Michael Dumas (hamstring). Probable: LB Gerald Dixon (knee); WR Jeff Graham (groin); S Greg Jackson (thumb); G Kendyl Jacox (knee); CB Jimmy Spencer (foot).

BENGALS: Questionable: WR James Hundon (toe). Probable: RB Brian Milne (knee); S Greg Myers (ankle); RB Nick Williams (ankle).

Seattle at Chicago

SEAHAWKS: Out: RB Dustin Johnson (concussion); WR Charles Jordan (hamstring); CB Fred Thomas (ankle); T Todd Weiner (ankle). Doubtful: LB Chad Brown (neck). Questionable: LB DeShone Myles (knee); WR Mike Pritchard (knee). Probable: TE Deems May (concussion).

BEARS: Questionable: RB James Allen (hamstring); CB Tom Carter (calf). Probable: K Jeff Jaeger (hip).

Tampa Bay at Philadelphia

BUCCANEERS: Probable: WR Reidel Anthony (ribs); LB Jeff Gooch (hamstring); G Frank Middleton (shoulder); T Jason Odom (knee-ankle); DE Steve White (foot).

EAGLES: Out: T John Welbourn (knee-injured reserve). Questionable: DT Bill Johnson (ankle); WR Torrance Small (rib). Probable: S Brian Dawkins (eye); QB Koy Detmer (back).

Washington at New York Giants

REDSKINS: Out: RB Larry Bowie (ankle). Probable: LB Fred Strickland (calf); DT Dan Wilkinson (finger).

GIANTS: Out: RB Gary Brown (knee). Questionable: CB Conrad Hamilton (ankle); CB Jason Sehorn (hamstring). Probable: DT Robert Harris (ankle).

New York Jets at Buffalo

JETS: Out: WR Wayne Chrebet (foot); DT Jason Ferguson (ankle); TE Eric Green (neck); RB Leon Johnson (knee-injured reserve); CB Otis Smith (shoulder); QB Vinny Testaverde (Achilles-injured reserve). Probable: DT Ernie Logan (calf).

BILLS: Out: RB Thurman Thomas (liver contusion). Doubtful: G Joe Panos (neck). Questionable: LB Dan Brandenburg (ankle).


Atlanta at Dallas

FALCONS: Doubtful: QB Chris Chandler (hamstring); WR Tim Dwight (hamstring).

COWBOYS: Out: TE Mike Lucky (foot); CB Kevin Smith (back). Doubtful: CB Deion Sanders (toe). Probable: TE David LaFleur (ankle); WR Jeff Ogden (quadriceps); S Darren Woodson (biceps).

Pub Date: 9/16/99

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