The after-school conversation; Think About It


"How was your day at school?"

That's the question most parents ask their children, and it usually doesn't get much of an answer.

"Fine." or "OK, I guess."

From time to time, Parent & Child will offer you some "conversation starters" excerpted from "The School-Savvy Parent," by Rosemarie Clark, Donna Hawkins and Beth Vachon.

These are questions that will help you get answers about your child's school habits, his supplies, studies and more.

A word of caution, however. Ask only one or two questions at a time!

Here are some questions that come under the heading of "housekeeping."

* How are you doing with keeping your cubby, locker or desk clean?

* How many pencils do you have? Do they still have erasers?

* Do you have all the markers, colored pencils or writing paper you need?

* Is the calculator working right, or is it time for new batteries?

* Do you owe lunch money to anyone? How much?

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