"My favorite book is 'Sylvester and the...


"My favorite book is 'Sylvester and the Magic Pebble' by Willaim Steig. I liked the part when Sylvester found a magic pebble. Then he turned himself into a rock. He couldn't turn himself back into himself. This book was very funny. I recommend this book for you."

-- Alison Jones

Forest Lakes Elementary School

"My favorite book by Stan and Jan Berenstain is 'The Berenstain Bears and the Big Road Race.' In this story, Brother Bear is racing against other bears. At first, he's in last place, but racers get tricked or disqualified. But one still is racing with Brother Bear, but then he stopped to get food. What will happen next? To find out, read 'The Berenstain Bears and the Big Road Race.' "

-- Jared Nunn

Pointers Run Elementary

"I really liked 'Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves' by Walter McVitty. It was about a man who found a cave full of treasure. He tries to steal the treasure from the thieves but he can't remember the magic words he needs to escape! That's when the real adventure begins."

-- Ameen Smith

Choptank Elementary

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