Breakfast pancakes pass toddler test


Item: Oscar Mayer Lunchables breakfast entrees

What you get: 1 breakfast

Cost: About $2.60

Preparation time: Can eat out of box, 15 to 30 seconds in microwave

Review: Oscar Mayer's popular Lunchables have branched out to include breakfast. Kids have a choice between pancakes and waffles. We tried the eight-pancake kit warmed in the microwave. The pancakes were a little sweet for my taste, but my 2 1/2-year-old gobbled them up. She passed on the "Bac'n Bites," which actually weren't too bad -- similar to coin-sized bacon bits. The meal comes with syrup and icing as well as a small bottle of Tang. Oddly enough, it includes dessert -- in our case a small roll of Gummi Lifesavers. The meals also are sold in a "fun pack" size without the drink.

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