Sandwich pairs pears with ham, cheeseSweet, juicy...


Sandwich pairs pears with ham, cheese

Sweet, juicy Bartlett pears help ease us into another season. Try a savory pear sandwich (pictured above). Lightly toast 8 slices Italian-style bread. Spread a thin layer of honey mustard on each slice. Top 4 slices with Swiss cheese (1/2 pound, cut into slices). Place under broiler until cheese melts. Divide 2 large pears, cut into twelfths; 3/4 pound thinly sliced ham; and 1 bunch of spinach, destemmed, on the melted cheese. Top with 4 remaining slices of bread. Cut each sandwich in half. Serves 4.

Counting crabs

Ever wonder how many people a bushel of steamed crabs will feed? According to the Maryland Department of Agriculture, a bushel of No. 1 or "Jimmy" (male) crabs holds about 60 to 70 crabs, depending on size. That feeds about 10 to 12 people if you're not serving a lot of extras, such as salads, hot dogs and hamburgers.

Coffee to go

Dunkin' Donuts has introduced a portable Box O' Joe for $9.99 that contains 10 cups of piping hot, freshly brewed coffee. It's perfect for business meetings, dorm gatherings, coffee klatches or any time.

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