Be a 4Kids Detective; Just for kids


When you know the answers to these questions, go to

1. When did Mandela become president of South Africa?

2. What is the name of your guide to the Sod House Frontier?

3. Who invented the skateboard trick "the ollie"? (Go to to find out.)


Travel to South Africa and meet the larger-than-life Nelson Mandela, one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century, and a hero to humankind. The Long Walk of Nelson Mandela is a complete look at his life, character and leadership. Answer the call to freedom at http://www. and walk in Mandela's shoes as a boy, revolutionary, political prisoner and president. With discussions, maps and profiles on the man and his times, the site shows how Mandela fought against apartheid in South Africa. You'll read personal letters that show what it was like to be a political activist in the South African underground. There are also great interviews with Nelson's friends and fellow activists, including the Archbishop Desmond Tutu. This is a story of personal courage you won't soon forget.


We're taking a trip out to the Wild West! But this isn't your typical kind of cowboy story--this adventure is all about the roles of the women who have helped to make the American west a legendary place. Set your compass on http://www. and head out across the plains toward the Rocky Mountains and the Women of the West Museum. From the historic "little house on the prairie" kind of settlers to modern-day farmworkers and artists, you'll meet all sorts of trailblazing girls and women. Find out what it was like to live in a sod house with dirt for walls and floors. Or take a ride with a ranch hand. Or learn from the Native American women who have seen their land change drastically over the decades. Enjoy that virtual ropin' and sod bustin', y'hear?

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