Endless summerTHIS summer's free outdoor film series...


Endless summer

THIS summer's free outdoor film series in Little Italy was a big hit. Now that the summer is over, what's next?

Here is a possibility. A cinema in London is having quite a bit of success with movie karaokes. It has sub-titled all the songs in "The Sound of Music," enabling audiences to sing together.

Tickets have sold like hot cakes. And some theater goers have come dressed up for the parts. Women and men have worn nuns' costumes. And there have been lederhosen and Austrian dresses to evoke the von Trapp children.

Generation gap at MTV

A Wall Street Journal story recently reported that Generation X, thought to be slackers in their 20s, have in their 30s matured into young professionals with families. In youth pop culture, they've yielded to Generation Y, today's teens and early 20-somethings.

That generational passage was fully evident at the MTV Video Music Awards at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York Thursday. Madonna, 41, once known for cast-iron brassieres and other outlandish garb, was welcomed practically as an elder stateswoman.

She, in turn, literally bowed to Paul McCartney, 57, praising his long marriage and his daughter.

To parents in the early '60s, of course, Mr. McCartney's Beatles meant the ruination of traditional mores. Madonna's curious tribute to "family values" seemed lost on both the audience and new musical acts, most in the early 20s and multiply pierced.

Toward the end of the show appeared "the Artist," formerly known as "the Artist Formerly Known as Prince," formerly known as "Prince." Still unpredictable and clad in an electric-blue body suit, he proved that every rule has exceptions -- even the one that says age changes everything.

Pub Date: 9/13/99

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