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You're back in school and are bound to have book reports to do. Here are a few books the Yak recommends:

* Do you like to camp? Be sure to pack "The Night Book: Exploring Nature After Dark with Activities, Experiments and Information," by Pamela Hickman (Kids Can Press, $12.95).

* For Yak's Corner's youngest readers, "Red-Eyed Tree Frog" (Scholastic, $16.95) by Joy Cowley with pictures by Nic Bishop is a simple story with great pictures. It's about a red-eyed tree frog doing its best not to get eaten while looking for dinner in the rain forest.

* Friends of frogs might also like "It's a Frog's Life: My Story of Life in a Pond" by Steve Parker (Reader's Digest Children's Books, $9.99).

Brainy Yak

This week's Brainy-Yak question:

Can you match these favorite TV parents with their last names?

Lucy and Ricky

Ward and June

Samantha and Darren

Mike and Carol

Cliff and Claire

Tim and Jill







ANSWER: Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, Ward and June Cleaver, Samantha and Darren Stevens, Mike and Carol Brady, Cliff and Claire Huxtable, and Tim and Jill Taylor

Yak Yuks

What runs all day and then lies under your bed with its tongue hanging out? Your shoes.

What gets up in the morning and waves all day? A flag.

Why are four-legged animals terrible dancers? Because they have two left feet.

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