Babe Ruth museum


Hank Greenberg may have played for the Detroit Tigers, and Babe Ruth may have played for the New York Yankees, but both late big leaguers were on the same team in Baltimore recently. A new documentary about baseball's first Jewish superstar, "The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg," made its Baltimore premiere to benefit the Babe Ruth Birthplace Museum.

"Hank would be proud, since he revered Babe Ruth," said filmmaker Aviva Kempner.

About 375 fans turned out at the Gordon Center for Performing Arts for the night's double-header: a reception and the screening. In the evening's lineup were Steve and Alva Greenberg, children of Hank Greenberg; Mike Gibbons, the Babe Ruth museum's executive director; Greg Schwa-lenberg, museum curator; Beth Howell and Lewis Lyles, event committee members; and former Orioles Jim Palmer and Mike Flanagan.

The evening's final score: Babe Ruth Birthplace Museum, $37,000.

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