75 years ago: J. D. Crown, Center...


75 years ago: J. D. Crown, Center Street, was saved from injury or possible death Saturday when he arose from a sofa that he was resting upon. A few minutes later, a bullet penetrated the front window and passed through two rooms and struck the sofa. The shot was fired at a dog by a deputy at the jail. He was unaware where the bullet landed until he was asked to come over and see what happened. The bullet was picked up at the sofa. -- Democratic Advocate, Sept. 5, 1924.

100 years ago: The wagon of Abner Norwood, who lives on the farm formerly owned by John Biggs near Warfieldsburg, was struck by a Western Maryland express train at Spring Mills, two miles west of Westminster, last Saturday. Mr. Norwood jumped and saved his life. He was found afterward under the horses, which were unhurt. A boy on the wagon had his collarbone and clavicle broken and was considerably cut and bruised. Mr. Norwood was also slightly hurt. The wagon was completely demolished, and the tongue horses were entirely stripped of the harness. The train's hands came back, thinking that all had been killed. The escape was considered miraculous. Mr. Norwood claims that he did not hear the whistle. Dr. John S. Mathias rendered the necessary attention, and reports the boy is doing well. -- Democratic Advocate, Sept. 9, 1899.

Compiled from the files of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

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