Taylor is fuming over Fisher's bookElizabeth Taylor...


Taylor is fuming over Fisher's book

Elizabeth Taylor is plenty mad over the job ex-husband Eddie Fisher does on her in his book, "Been There, Done That," in which he details her sexual preferences, tells of her relationship with Frank Sinatra and more. The singer writes that he never thought of having a "love affair" with Taylor and only did so after she summoned him after the death of her husband, Mike Todd.

In a statement, Taylor says: "I think Eddie Fisher must have been in another world when he wrote his book. Have you ever noticed that he is the only ex-husband I don't talk about?"

Other women Fisher claims to have dallied with: Ann-Margret, Juliet Prowse, Marlene Dietrich, Dinah Shore, Mia Farrow, Joan Collins, Angie Dickinson, Stephanie Powers, Kim Novak, Mamie Van Doren, Michelle Phillips, Peggy Lipton and Abbe Lane.

Harnessing anger

Sean "Puffy" Combs was ordered yesterday to undergo a day of anger management counseling after he pleaded guilty to harassing a recording executive. Combs, 29, and an associate were arrested in April on charges of assaulting Steven Stoute, who suffered a broken arm, a broken jaw and cuts to his head after being hit with a chair and a champagne bottle, police said. Puffy, a k a Puff Daddy, was upset that Stoute let MTV air a video with a scene Puffy wanted cut, of the rap mogul nailed to a cross.

A bad time for Ryder

Winona Ryder confesses that she committed herself to a psychiatric ward in 1990, when she was 19. "I really thought I was losing my mind," says the movie star. "I've always been an insomniac, and I was really, really overworked and overtired and not sleeping. I was convinced I was having a nervous breakdown. I'm not really ashamed of it. I think everybody goes through these times in their lives. I think you're very weird if you don't."

Gazillionaires by 40

Dell Computer top dog Michael Dell tops Fortune's list of the 40 richest Americans under 40. Dell, 34, is worth $21.5 billion. No. 2 is Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos, at 35 worth $5.7 billion. Rapper Master P, 29, ($361 million), is the only entertainer on the list at No. 28. Right behind him is Michael Jordan, 36, ($357 million). Youngest is software guy Paul Gauthier, 26, of Inktomi Corp., worth $418 mil. There are no women on the list, but Meg Whitman of eBay would've been 14th with her $699 million. Unfortunately, at 42, she's past the list's age cutoff. Eleven of the 40 are college dropouts, and only two claim Stanford or an Ivy League school as theirs.

High heat

Daredevil French climber Alain "Spiderman" Robert had to be rescued by firefighters after he was overcome by heat yesterday while scaling a corporate complex outside Paris. He'd made it about halfway up the Grande Arche de la Defense before signaling to firefighters that he was feeling ill in the 79-degree heat. Robert, who climbs using only his bare hands, has scaled more than 30 skyscrapers, including the Sears Tower in Chicago and the Empire State Building in New York.

A gem of a diamond

Diamond giant De Beers yesterday unveiled a rare set of stones that will go on display New Year's Eve for a year at London's Millennium Dome. French actress Sophie Marceau helped present the glittering diamonds, which include the priceless Millennium Star: a flawless, pear-shaped 203-carat jewel. It was orbited by 11 highly unusual blue diamonds, cut into a variety of shapes and weighing 118 carats.

Today's birthdays

Actress Jane Greer is 75.

Actor Cliff Robertson is 74.

Jazz musician Elvin Jones is 72.

Actress Sylvia Miles is 67.

Singer Inez Foxx is 57.

Singer Dee Dee Sharp is 54.

Singer-musician Billy Preston is 53.

Rock singer-musician Doug Ingle (Iron Butterfly) is 53.

Country singer Freddy Weller is 52.

Football commentator Joe Theismann is 50.

Actor Michael Keaton is 48.

Actor Tom Wopat is 48.

Actress Angela Cartwright is 47.

Musician-producer Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) is 47.

Actor Hugh Grant is 39.

Actor Adam Sandler is 33.

Actor David Bennent is 33.

Rock singer Paul Durham (Black Lab) is 31.

Rapper Dray (Das EFX) is 29.

Actress Michelle Williams is 19.

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