Watching out for homonyms; Activity


Students often confuse homonyms -- words which are pronounced alike though spelled differently and have different meanings. Furthermore, for students adept at the computer, spell check will not catch these errors of confusion. See how many homonyms you can find in today's read-aloud story, "Moondogs." Some are written below along with a game to play with your child.

Homonym Tic-Tac-Toe

Materials needed:

14 index cards cut in half

8 1/2-by-11-inch unlined drawing or copy paper

black felt-tipped marker

Getting Ready: Write each homonym from List 1 on nine of the index cards. Then write a large "X" on five more cards and an "O" on another five cards. With the marker, make a tic-tac-toe board to fit the size of the unlined paper. In each square on the board, write one of the homonyms from List 2.

To Play:

Turn the List 1 word cards face down. Each player chooses to be either "X" or "O" and takes those cards. The player who goes first draws a card from the face down pile. He must read the word and use it correctly in a sentence. He then finds its homonym on the game board and uses that word appropriately in a sentence. If he is correct, he can place his "X" or "O" in that square. The next player proceeds in the same way. The first player to get three "X's" or three "O's" in a row wins.

List 1 List 2

buy by

real reel

through threw

soar sore

past passed

so sew

knew new

guessed guest

to two

Tip: You may want to read the words with your child before playing.

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