Plan for a lengthy retirement and consider working part-time


HAVE YOU planned adequately for retirement? Here are suggestions from the Institute of Certified Financial Planners:

"Plan for a long retirement; longevity has climbed dramatically and will surely increase. Make sure you take care of yourself financially; Social Security may be around, but you're on your own in funding retirement.

"Consider working in retirement, at least part time, to cover expenses. Plan for long-term care needs; many people mistakenly believe Medicare will pay for those needs, but the government foots the bill only if you're destitute.

"Stay in stocks. Your retirement nest egg must grow, but in bonds inflation cuts your buying power. Stocks do better at keeping you ahead of inflation."

DON'T PANIC: "Don't overreact to 'insider selling,' " says Insider's Chronicle. "Corporate insiders frequently have good reasons to raise cash. Insider selling is simply a signal to take a closer look at a stock -- not a reason to panic."

WALL STREET WATCH: "Fed will bump rates up again in 2000. Count on one hike, maybe more. No more rate changes this year." (Kiplinger Washington Letter)

"Between now and year-end stocks will not correct more than 11 percent off all-time highs. The market will progressively improve." (Robertson-Humphrey Strategy in this week's Barron's)

"For the first time in over five years our Monetary Model triggers a 'sell' signal for stock investors." (InvesTech)

"Most investors find stock plunges as distressing as airliner turbulence, but most declines end in a matter of months." (Brad Perry, investment adviser)

"Only in the stock market do we plant acorns and expect to sit in the shade of a tall oak within weeks or months." (Robert Farrell, Merrill Lynch strategist)

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