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When you know the answers to these questions, go to http://www.4Kids.org/detectives/

Caricature Zone is available in which languages?

Tibet is under which country's occupation?

Where would you find a biting bullet ant? (Go to http://www.orkin.com/danger/ to find out.)


Do your ears stick out? Maybe you have a goofy haircut. Well these are the kinds of things a caricature artist loves. Caricature artists draw cartoon-like pictures of real people by exaggerating the features that make them look unique. Doodle on over to the Caricature Zone to get an eyeful of funny pictures of famous people at http://www.magixl.com/. First, take a guess at the caricature of the day. Then explore the palette of famous faces, from sports stars like Michael Jordan to movie stars like Leonardo DiCaprio. Their faces are hilarious, and it's all in good fun! Feeling inspired? Good, because it's your turn to make a caricature of someone you know. With just a few clicks of the mouse you can have an outrageous drawing of your best friend or your crazy uncle. When you're done, send him the caricature through e-mail. Now do some doodling!


From friendly locals to famed mountain peaks, Tibet is a land of mystery and marvel all wrapped into one. Now you can travel to this land of stunning landscapes and fascinating people at the Tibetan Journey. Relive the author's adventure through the country at http://www. schneuwly.com/. You'll hop from village to village at the photo gallery, where you'll fall in love with ancient temples and the power of the Himalayas. Stop in at the city of Lhasa, the heart and soul of Tibet and home to the Dalai Lamas. The site also contains a useful map to help you find your way, and features famous spots in the Land of Snows. Like Mount Everest itself, Tibet is a country that stands tall.

Pub Date: 09/07/99

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