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In the Aug. 8 issue of Home & Family, the Summer Reading List page included quiz questions for each of the suggested titles. Here are the answers.


"All I See"

Q. How does shy Charlie let Gregory know he's been admiring his work?

A. He paints a picture of Gregory painting and leaves it on Gregory's easel.

"The Art Lesson"

Q. What does Tommy get for his birthday that he's not allowed to use in art class?

A. A box of 64 Crayola crayons.

"Ben's Trumpet"

Q. Why do the kids make fun of Ben?

A. Because he is playing an imaginary trumpet.

"A Blue Butterfly: A Story About Claude Monet"

Q. In what city and country does Monet paint?

A. Giverny, France.

"Bravo, Tanya"

Q. Who sneaks up on Tanya and Barbara Bear while they dance in the field?

A. The piano player.

"Fox on Stage"

Q. What's the name of Fox's play?

A. "The Mummy's Toe."

"I Am an Artist"

Q. What does it take to be an artist?

A. You must look at the world closely and listen, search and see.

"Mama Don't Allow"

Q. How does Miles save the Swamp Band?

A. He asks to play another song and makes it a lullaby. The tune puts the alligators to sleep.

"Mole Music"

Q. What does Mole want to do after learning to play the violin?

A. He wishes to play his music for the people.

"Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin"

Q. Which instrument has steely keys that softly click and breezy notes so darkly slick?

A. The clarinet.


"Amadeus Mozart"

Q. When did his parents realize Mozart had a talent?

A. When he climbed up to the piano and perfectly played a minuet his father had just taught his sister.

"Duke Ellington"

Q. What kind of music sets "Duke's fingers to wiggling?"

A. Ragtime.

"The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush"

Q. What is Little Gopher's name changed to?

A. He-Who-Brought-the-Sunset-to-the-Earth.

"Marie in Fourth Position"

Q. What contest does Monsieur Degas enter his sculpture in?

A. The 6th Impressionist exhibition of 1881.

"Matthew's Dream"

Q. What does Matthew dream he and Nicoletta are walking through?

A. An immense, fantastic painting.

"Michelangelo's Surprise"

Q. What surprise does the famous artist present to the people?

A. A snow sculpture of a great giant.

"My Name is Georgia"

Q. What types of flowers does Georgia paint?

A. Camellia, jack-in-the-pulpit, poppies, petunias, sunflowers, jimson weeds, irises and apple blossoms.

"Painting the Wind"

Q. Why is Vincent driven out of Arles?

A. He and a friend get into a fight and Vincent cuts off the lobe of his own ear. His neighbors sign a petition to ban him from his house.

"Satchmo's Blues"

Q. Where does Louis buy his horn?

A. A pawn shop.

"Swan Lake"

Q. What must Siegfried do to break the spell sorcerer Von Rothbart puts on the handmaidens?

A. He must take Odette as his bride and pledge his love to her.

AGES 9 TO 12

"Ballet Stories"

Q. In the chapter titled "Lucy Jane and the Russian Ballet," what happens to Lucy Jane and Marie?

A. After they perform for Madame Krotchenova, she invites them to come back the next summer to study dance for free.

"Beethoven Lives Upstairs"

Q. Why does Christoph start writing to his Uncle Karl?

A. His mother has rented the upstairs office to Ludwig van Beethoven, who is quite a noisy houseguest.

"A Drawing in the Sand"

Q. What subject did artist Romare Bearden study at New York University?

A. Mathematics.

"Grandma Moses"

Q. What major events did Grandma Moses witness in her lifetime?

A. The Civil War and the inventions of electricity, cars, television and planes.

"Linnea in Monet's Garden"

Q. How do Linnea and Mr. Bloom get inside the Water Lily Rooms?

A. They explain they have come a long way to see the water lilies and are leaving soon. Linnea starts to cry, and the lady at the door gets her boss, who makes an exception for the two tourists.

"Lives of the Artists"

Q. Why did Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo remain such good friends?

A. They both loved to laugh.

"Lives of the Musicians"

Q. How did Giuseppe Verdi's mother save his life?

A. She ran to the town church with her son in her arms. Theirs were the only lives spared during a military invasion.


Q. Why can't Robin take ballet lessons anymore?

A. Her parents can no longer afford the lessons because they are paying for her grandmother to come to the United States from China.

"Theater Shoes"

Q. Who shows up to surprise Sorrel, Mark and Holly on Christmas, 1943?

A. Their father, who has been in the war.

"A Weekend With Picasso"

Q. What is Picasso's idea of a perfect way to end an afternoon?

A. A bullfight -- of which he painted many pictures.

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