Rivers branches outFollowing in her mother Joan's...


Rivers branches out

Following in her mother Joan's footsteps, Melissa Rivers has created a line of silver jewelry that recently made its debut on QVC. Rivers has had a hand in designing each of the 24 pieces (most range from $26.50 to $85), including a heart band ring loosely modeled on her own wedding band.

We caught up with Rivers to get the scoop on her shining new endeavor.

Q: Why QVC?

A: QVC has been extremely supportive of my mom. She has a huge following with them. I'm now a division of my mom's jewelry company, and shoppers know they'll get the same quality.

Q: Is silver too young for some women to pull off?

A: White metals [silver, white gold, platinum] are a big deal now. The stigma of silver being young is going away. You can get the same great design at such a lower cost.

Q: Do you have a favorite piece?

A: Today my favorite is a pair of little flower earrings, but I wear all of them. My favorite is whichever one my hand touches.

Q: What do you see as the hottest trends in jewelry today?

A: Mixed metals. White metals [for their versatility]. Very delicate Indian, Raj-type pieces. Freshwater pearls in really unusual colors. The colors are changing from pink and blue to lavender, orchid and especially green.

Q: Tell us about the wedding ring.

A: Mine is a platinum rolling ring. I wear it with my dad's thin white-gold wedding band. I wear them smack dab on the same finger. ... As for white and mixed metals, I was practicing it long before [selling it].

Rivers' collection is available by phone at 800-345-1515 or online at www.qvc.com.

-- Gailor Large

Facing up to fall

While our sun-kissed cheeks and carefree summer attitudes are fading fast, fall doesn't have to mean only vacation bills and shorter days. Treat yourself to a new look for fall by updating your makeup collection.

Here's what every woman should know about makeup this season:

* The eyes have it. Without a doubt, eyes are fall's favorite feature. On the runways they were smoky and bold. Our choice for creating sexy, kohl-edged eyes at home is Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in Gunmetal ($17), applied with the Eye Smudge Brush ($22.50).

* What's in for skin. During this season of extravagance, in the limelight is where you want to be. Jeweled tones are hot for fall, even in day makeup. Our pick is Chanel's Cosmic Radiance, which adds a seductive glimmer to bare skin ($35). Just remember, you want to shimmer, not sparkle.

* Lip tips. You have a bit more flexibility here, as autumn lip shades range from nude to burgundy. But if the eyes are daring, the lips shouldn't be. You want to choose one feature to emphasize. For subtle but alluring lips, try Dusky Mauve ($16) from Estee Lauder's Winter Beach collection.

-- G. L.

Some trends just refuse to die

Here are the Top 10 fashion trends that just won't quit, according to the trade magazine American Salon:

1. Frosted hair

2. Gothic style

3. Designer denim

4. Cowboy hats

5. Hippie fashion

6. Straight hair

7. Clunky shoes

8. Tattoos and piercings

9. Backpacks

10. Anti-fashion fashion (As in, "There are no trends this season; 0anything goes.")

- G.L.

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