Swinging with TarzanAfter 37 years, the Swiss...


Swinging with Tarzan

After 37 years, the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse at Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif., has been remodeled. It's now Tarzan's Treehouse, riding the wave of success from Disney's latest animated film.

Visitors climb a wooden staircase made of remnants from a shipwreck and cross a suspension bridge to reach the moss-and-vine-covered tree-homes of Tarzan, Tarzan's parents and his foster mother, Kala the ape. Inside, visitors find evidence of a terrible attack by Sabor, a vicious leopard; Kala sitting in front of a mirror holding baby Tarzan; and Jane sketching Tarzan in the study.

Three interactive areas are located along Treehouse grounds. Guests can watch a magic lantern turn Jane's sketches into a moving animation of Tarzan running through the jungle, play musical pots and pans, and test the "Tarzan Yell-a-phone" where their voices will be converted into an animal call.

Just outside the exhibit, Jane, Terk and other "Tarzan" characters greet guests and are available for pictures. Daily admission to the park: $39 adults, $29 children 3 to 11 and $37 seniors. Call 714-781-4565, or visit www.disneyland. com for hours and admission packages.


The five ferry boats transporting more than 1 million passengers and 400,000 vehicles between Cape May, N.J., and Lewes, Del., each year have undergone $54.4 million in renovations. Each boat is different, but all carry up to 1,000 passengers and 100 vehicles at a time. The flagship Twin Capes, for example, is now equipped with a glass-enclosed dining room, outdoor cafe, children's area, sun deck and bar.

Although trips across the Delaware Bay last only 70 minutes, ferry rides aren't only taken for convenience. Excursions such as the Wildwood, N.J., Doo-Wop '50s Tour and the Fenwick Island, Del., trip to the Discoversea Shipwreck Museum are available.

Call 800-643-3779, or visit www.capemay-lewesferry.com. Reservations 24 hours in advance are recommended.

Passport photos the easy way

Thanks to Sony, you no longer have to cringe in embarrassment when asked for your passport. With the new Digital Passport Photo System, you can preview and pick your mugs before they're set to print.

With the new system, customers can proof photos electronically and vendors can take as many as 30 images and preview them on the camera's display. After the photo is chosen, it takes 90 seconds to transfer the image onto U.S. State Department-accepted paper.

Moto Photo stores around the country are now equipped with the system, which is more efficient, less expensive and offers better results than the previous passport process. Two Moto Photo passport photos cost about $19.95. The Yorkridge Shopping Center Moto Photo is the first area location with the system. It is at 1810 York Road, Suite H, in Lutherville. Call 410-252-5233. Or, call your local Moto Photo to see when the system will be available.

Tracking dinosaurs

Did you know there is a mastodon in downtown Baltimore? You would if you had the new map series "Coop's Roadmap Guide to Dinosaur Sites and Museums." Four maps -- Northeastern, Western, Central and Southern North America -- plot out dinosaur-significant sites around the country and list hours, addresses, phone numbers, entry fees and short descriptions of each site. Coop's Maps, located in Menlo Park, Calif., also produces brewery and railroad maps. Dinosaur maps cost $5.95 each, and the others cost $4.95 each. Order maps by calling 800-259-3139. The Baltimore mastodon, by the way, is at the Maryland Historical Society.

Favorite countries

A recent Harris poll found the most popular countries for a vacation, if money is not an issue, are:

1. Australia

2. Great Britain

3. Germany

4. Italy

5. France

6. Canada

7. Ireland

8. Jamaica

9. Switzerland

10. Mexico

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