Honoring foster grandparents


What's more warm and fuzzy than a room full of grandparents? A room full of foster grandparents. Family and Children's Services of Central Maryland's Foster Grandparent Program held its annual Recognition Ceremony at the Forum, paying tribute to its volunteers, 60 years of age and older, who give personal attention to children in day-care centers, hospitals, schools and programs for the homeless.

Singled out for honors were Cornelia Ridgley and three sisters, Rosa Lee Minor, Ruby Sergio and Eva Walker, who all have been volunteering in the program since it began 26 years ago.

Also in the gathering of about 250: Brenda D. Harrell, director of the Foster Grandparent Program; Stan Levi, executive director of Family and Children's Services; Sallie Hedenstad, Elder Services director; foster grandparents Leslie Saunders, Marjorie Stokes, Ocie Burch, Shelvin Caulthorne and Pauline Taylor.

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