Cross country overlookedI am writing in regards...


Cross country overlooked

I am writing in regards to the "High School Sports Fall '99 Preview" that appeared in Thursday's editions.

I am a senior at Towson High and co-captain of the girls cross country team. I had heard that you would be featuring a section on fall sports and was very much looking forward to reading about my team. However, when I read the article on cross country, I was extremely disappointed.

Other sports -- football, soccer, volleyball and field hockey -- had excellent, full-page layouts. Cross country did not.

My coach, my team and I are very offended by the way The Sun chose to present the cross country preview. Cross country runners work just as hard as all the other fall sports teams and deserve just as much credit for their efforts.

Mary A. Dolan ,Towson

Good luck, Baines

In an Orioles season in which there has been little to enjoy, I feel privileged to have been able to watch a real star. Harold Baines, with his quiet dignity and professional demeanor, is what baseball is all about for me.

What a joy it was to observe his remarkable skills. Many nights, it was the only thing that I had to look forward to.

I'm sure all true Orioles fans are happy that he now has a chance to earn a World Series ring with a competent team. Good luck, Harold. Be assured, I will be rooting for the Cleveland Indians at playoff time.

Dana M. Levitz, Lutherville

O's must reward Mussina

I am writing in reference to the article in the Aug. 29 Sun concerning the negotiations between the Orioles and Mike Mussina.

I hope that the Orioles will not let history repeat itself and lose one of the top pitchers in the game, who goes out every time he pitches and gives an all-star effort.

Now is the time to reward Mussina for hard work for the Baltimore community and the Orioles. In a disappointing season, he has been one of the bright spots.

Michael Frye Frederick Minors coverage is poor

I am a longtime subscriber to The Sun, primarily for the sports section. My biggest complaint is poor coverage of the Orioles' minor-league teams based in Maryland.

The coverage is very poor -- no write-ups, no box scores. The Washington Post does a much better job.

Orioles fans, I'm sure, have a great deal of interest in this area. With no major hockey or pro basketball to cover, I think a better job can be done.

D. L. Sentman, Ellicott City

Steadman off base again

There goes John Steadman again. ["Ticket prices are exhibition of NFL greed," Aug. 29]

He is the man most responsible for the Colts leaving town. He was always telling people not to attend Colts exhibition games. All of football does it now.

Steadman should get in the real world. Half the time, he writes about the old days and of names no one recognizes.

Rocco Rotondo ,Jr., Baltimore

'We need more' on Ravens

Your coverage of the Ravens is very weak. Why shouldn't it be as extensive as the Orioles coverage?

How about more profiles on players and coaches? Last Monday's edition had one negative article on Michael McCrary and some other info.

We need more.

Jordan Grable , Columbia

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