Candidate denies allegation she's not a Baltimore resident; Council hopeful Williams satisfies elections board


Disputing allegations that she lives outside the city, City Council candidate Sylvia Williams said yesterday that she is a Baltimore resident who has a long history of activism in her community.

"I am a city resident," Williams said. "And I'm very active in my community."

Letters began circulating in the 3rd District this week, alleging that Williams does not live in a townhouse in the 1400 block of Winston Ave., as she is listed with the city elections board. Instead, the letter states, she lives in Baltimore County in a condominium in the first block of Willow Path Court.

The letters are headed, "DO NOT VOTE FOR THIS WOMAN," and end with, "Authority: Citizens for truth in politics." No other information identifying the source of the letter appears.

Williams showed The Sun copies of her property deed for the city townhouse as well as other documents, including her driver's license, telephone bill, bank statements, paycheck statement, cable television bill, checkbook, doctor bills, a tax statement and a voter's card.

Williams owns the city property with her youngest son, Craig Williams, according to the deed. She also owns the Baltimore County condominium, which was used by her oldest son, who died in February, and as a rental property.

"This is just an attempt to break up our ticket," said Kenneth Harris, who is running with Williams and incumbent Councilman Robert Curran for the three 3rd District council seats.

Barbara Jackson, city elections director, said her office has reviewed Williams' documents and believes she is a city resident eligible to run in this year's election.

"We have no reason to question her candidacy," Jackson said.

Jackson said the group named at the bottom of the letter, "Citizens for truth in politics," is not a registered organization with the Board of Supervisors of Elections, so "we don't consider it an official group."

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