Last week we had open phones and...


Last week we had open phones and asked readers to decide the topic.

My husband and I are newcomers to Howard County and the state of Maryland. We enjoy living in Columbia with its variety of free entertainment and its proximity to Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and neighboring states. What we miss are nonchain, diner-type restaurants that serve breakfast and home-style meals. We have visited the diners in Ellicott City and Catonsville, and we wish there were similar restaurants in Columbia.

Jennette Miller,


I'm a senior citizen, and I think we deserve a cut on our property taxes. We've been paying them for years, and now we're on a fixed income. Let all these young families, with all these children that are coming into our county, pay more taxes. If they have all these children and want smaller classes and these teachers and all these services, it's their time to pay. Give senior citizens a tax break.

Barbara Parry,


A top priority for my husband and I is taking action against the spraying of chemical lawn herbicides that threaten the health of people, animals and the environment. We are exploring nontoxic alternatives for our Aspenwood community property with support from the National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides.

Leslie Ebert,


Recently, my wife parked our car at the Chatham Mall Giant. The parcel pickup boy witnessed a gentleman who pushed the cart toward the sidewalk. It turned around and came back and did $314 worth of damage to my car. They didn't bother to get the license tag or number or anything, and Giant told me, "Tough luck." I would like to write an editorial on this because your car is not safe on the parking lot anymore, because people do not care to put the carts back.

Fred Henry,

Ellicott City

A roundabout was recently installed on Cradle Rock Way, and I've observed cars coming to a dead stop in the middle of the roundabout when they've viewed other cars coming a half a block away -- and some cars not even entering the roundabout when there are other vehicles in the vicinity. The sign posted there says you must yield to the cars in the roundabout. If there's no vehicle in the roundabout, you have the right of way.

Joan Ross,


I recently returned to Maryland after several years away, and I became quite concerned that noise and traffic pollution, particularly from the BWI airplanes and truck traffic on Routes 1, 29, I-95 and the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, tend to ruin the environment of our beloved Howard County. I wish to compliment The Sun for the recent articles by Marcia Myers which revealed that counties, including Howard, are flunking the clean air rules by failure to comply with the federal Clean Air Act.

William H. Hurst,


It was great to see so many responses to The Sun from people in Columbia who really want a theater in Columbia that shows independent films. I've lived in Columbia for 26 years, and we residents have been voicing the request over all those years, but obviously not to the right source. Since the paper cannot make it happen, what I'd like to know is: How does a town go about persuading the cinema people who make these decisions (that Columbia can financially support such films)? Who should be contacted, and what's the best process? Does anyone have a suggestion?

Ronnie Koppelman,


Has the Zoning Board or the Department of Planning and Zoning ever considered our basic intrinsic water supply and how much we can afford to have development?

Shirley Geis,


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