Consider Case closed following tomorrow; Stint against Giants could be last for a while for third-string QB


Outside of extremely inept play by Scott Mitchell and Tony Banks, injuries or a blowout, third-string quarterback Stoney Case will make his final appearance this season tomorrow against the New York Giants.

Case will play the second half after Mitchell and Banks each play a quarter.

"The more I can play the better," Case said. "I'm just looking forward to getting in whenever I can. If I'm going to get to play the whole half then that is great. Of course, I'd love to play the whole game but anything I can get, I'm happy with."

Last week against the Carolina Panthers, Case led the game-winning seven-play, 72-yard drive. He completed a 41-yard pass to Billy Davis putting the Ravens up 28-24 with 10 seconds left.

It was Case's debut for the Ravens after being released in training camp by the Indianapolis Colts. He played the last nine minutes of the game, completing nine of 14 passes for 147 yards.

Case had a fumble returned for a touchdown on his opening possession but came back to lead the team on two touchdown drives.

He hit Justin Armour for 15 yards on the first play of his second drive and scrambled up the middle for 14 yards setting up a Jay Graham touchdown.

With 2: 30 left, Case ran the hurry-up offense, converting a crucial third down to Davis for 13 yardsbefore the final touchdown.

"I'm just looking to improve on what I did last time," Case said. "Hopefully, not make some of the same mistakes I made last time. I want to continue to get more familiar with the offense, and maybe lead the team down and score a couple of touchdowns. If I can execute plays the way they should be executed, then I'll have a good game."

McCrary returns

Defensive end Michael McCrary returned to practice yesterday after leaving the team Saturday over his contract situation. McCrary has one year left on his contract worth $2.5 million, not $1.9 million as previously reported.

McCrary missed two days of practice and will not play tomorrow against the Giants.

"I left because I was frustrated by the way negotiations were going," McCrary said. "I just wanted to make a point. I hope the fans understand this is the ugly part of football, the business part. It is something that I don't like. But you have to go through it every now and then.

"I've come back. I'm really looking forward to practicing next week and helping us win this first game up in St. Louis. I'm confident that my agent and the Ravens will come up with a fair market deal before the season starts."

Turner on the bubble

Floyd Turner can make his final statement for a reserve wide receiver spot against the Giants.

Turner needs a good showing if he hopes to beat out Davis, Armour or Qadry Ismail for that last spot. The team released veteran Webster Slaughter Tuesday.

"Since I've only really played one preseason game, I'll just go out in this one and catch the ball, make plays and be consistent," Turner said. "That is all you can do. Other than that, the decision is on the coaches."

Turner has four catches for 41 yards this preseason, all against the Panthers. Turner missed the first preseason game because of injury, and the coaches chose not to play him much in the second. He did not play in the first half of the Carolina game.

His lack of game time, and the recent good play of the other receivers make Turner, who was second on the team in receiving yardage (512) last season, a long shot to make the team.

But Turner is a 10-year veteran and has won battles for roster spots before.

"Sometimes it goes down to the wire and decisions are made," Turner said. "Each situation is different. You have to stay focused and get things done."

Swayne welcomes challenge

For 13-year NFL veteran tackle Harry Swayne, this is the situation he wants.

Swayne would rather face premier defensive end Michael Strahan, who has 29 sacks over the past two seasons, than some pushover tomorrow heading into the regular season.

"If I've got any flaws in my game, I'm sure Mike will help me with them," Swayne said. "There are a few defensive players in the league that if you don't take on properly, you will get beat. Some of them if you take on properly, they'll still beat you. He's that type of player. You can do everything right and he'll still make the plays."

Swayne said he has faced the Giants' two-time Pro Bowler a few times and has seen much progression in Strahan's game. Strahan had 18 sacks over his first four seasons.

The two will square off for just the first quarter.

"Mike has definitely become a lot better since I first played against him," Swayne said. "He is a strong defensive end that plays the pass just as well as the run. I like playing against him."

Jackson comes on strong

Brad Jackson, after being switched from strong-side linebacker to weak, is having a good preseason and said he wants to finish on a high against the Giants.

Jackson has five tackles and one sack -- an 11-yarder that caused Carolina quarterback Jeff Lewis to fumble late in the fourth quarter. The sack is the longest this preseason for the Ravens.

Jackson said his switch in positions has allowed him the chance to make those kind of plays. With the team playing the starters for one quarter, Jackson should have ample opportunity tomorrow.

"They moved me after the Atlanta week," Jackson said. "It is my natural position, and I'm a lot more comfortable. I'm able to make more plays and run. I've played this position my whole life. I like being off the ball. It is a lot better than playing over the tight end for me."

Jackson, who was drafted in the third round in 1998 by the Miami Dolphins out of Cincinnati, spent last season on the developmental squad of the Ravens.

Ravens' preseason

Record: 3-0


Date ......Opp. ..............................Time ...................TV

8-12 Philadelphia .................W ...................10-7

8-21 Atlanta .........................W ...................19-6

8-28 ......Carolina ............................W .................28-24

9-3 ........N.Y. Giants ....................Noon ....................13*

*-Tape delay, 1: 30 p.m.

Pub Date: 9/02/99

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