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"I just read the book 'Ghost Beach'...


"I just read the book 'Ghost Beach' by R.L. Stine. The story is scary and magnificent. The story is about a girl and a boy going to a beach and seeing a ghost. Read the book to find out if the children escape from the evil aunts."

-- David Coleman

Elmwood Elementary

" 'Six Brave Explorers,' by Kees Moerbeek is a really good book about six explorers who went to Egypt and met all kinds of animals. I think kids would like it because it's funny, it's a pop-up book and it rhymes. If you want to go to Egypt, you might want to read this book."

-- Nick Sheets

Villa Cresta Elementary

"My favorite book is 'Cat in the Hat Comes Back' by Dr. Seuss. I like that book because the cat goes back to the house with the girl and boy. He messes up the house when the mother is coming in the house, and the girl and boy think they are going to get in trouble."

-- Julia Minor

Church Lane Elementary

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