Teodoro Garcia, a Mexican lieutenant who battled...


Teodoro Garcia, a Mexican lieutenant who battled the rebel Pancho Villa in the Mexican Revolution and was believed to be the last living soldier from the army of the dictator Porfirio Diaz, died April 24 in a retirement home in Texas City, Texas. He was 110.

Denzo Ishizaki, a former elementary school teacher who had been Japan's oldest person since February, died of multiple organ failure Thursday at his home in the town of Kansago in northeastern Ibaraki prefecture. He was 112.

Charles Gordon,93, a son of immigrants who became the general counsel of the Immigration and Naturalization Service and founding author of the 20-volume treatise "Immigration Law and Procedure," died Wednesday in Panama City, Fla. He resided there and in Potomac in Montgomery County.

Rolf W. Landauer,72, who helped bring the concept of information into mainstream physics, died Tuesday in Briarcliff Manor, N.Y., of brain cancer. His landmark work in the early 1960s helped show that the binary code of ones and zeros that runs computers was tangible. He found that information was rooted in the real world, and could be understood by applying the laws of physics.

John Colt,73, an artist who focused on nature in all its abstractions, died Tuesday in Amherst, Mass.

Dominick L. DiCarlo,71, a federal judge who was the assistant secretary of state for drug policy during the Reagan administration, died Tuesday in New York after a heart attack.

Meritt M. Burnett,109, who attributed his longevity to doing all things in moderation and who smoked cigars until he was 107, died of prostate cancer in Washington on Tuesday. He had retired from the Export-Import Bank as head messenger in 1960 and later opened his home to Howard University students for room and board.

James J. "Jack" Jessee,78, chief photographer of the Daytona Beach News-Journal for more than 45 years, died of cancer Thursday in nearby Ormond Beach. In 1969, he and his staff used a carrier pigeon to rush film of the Apollo 11 launch to the paper for publication in its evening edition.

Pub Date: 5/02/99

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