A letter from the editor


To our readers:

On Feb. 22, in the obituary of Dr. Robert F. Healy, a retired surgeon, The Sun published the following paragraph:

" 'He had the perfect demeanor for a surgeon, very low-key and easygoing,' said Raymond Kendall, who knew Dr. Healy for about 25 years. 'He had a way to make people feel extremely at ease.' "

After the article appeared, a member of the family told the newspaper that she had been unaware of Raymond Kendall's existence and suspected that he and the quotation were fabrications. The reporter who wrote the obiruary, queried by an editor, at first stood by the story and then, on Monday, acknowledged the fabrication. He was dismissed from the staff yesterday.

People who read a newspaper have a right to expect news, not fiction. On behalf of The Sun, I apologize to Dr. Healy's family and friends, and to our readers.

John S. Carroll, editor

Pub Date: 3/24/99

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