Having fun with science; Author Profile


A love for the sciences propelled author Joanna Cole into the world of children's literature. Cole, author of the popular "Magic School Bus" series, loved the book "Bugs, Insects and Such" as a child and says she once had a teacher much like her character Ms. Frizzle.

Before Cole began writing books, she was an elementary school teacher, a librarian and a children's book editor. Then, she decided to combine her knowledge of children's literature with her love of science and created her first book, "Cockroaches." Since, she has produced more than 90 books for children and has won numerous awards. Cole considers writing "the greatest fun in the world."

Other books by Joanna Cole:

* "The Gator Girls"

* "A Frog's Body"

* "Bony Legs"

* "The Magic School Bus Explores the Senses"

* "Anna Banana: 101 Jump-Rope Rhymes"

* "How You Were Born"

* "Hungry, Hungry Sharks"

Pub Date: 03/17/99

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