It could have been worse, it could have been empty


The makers of Monopoly waited more than 40 years to introduce a new token to the world's most popular board game.

Forty years to devise something matching the insouciance of the top hat, the stylishness of the Scottish terrier or the power of the battleship. Forty years to create a new and timeless idiosyncracy along the lines of the flat iron, the race car, the wheelbarrow. Forty years to create something that would become the must-have piece for some large portion of Monopoly players.

Forty years and what Hasbro found itself unveiling in New York yesterday, after a vote by Monopoly fans, was this: a sack of money.

A sack of money.

Evocative? Well, it's certainly evocative of a sack of money.

Hasbro says Monopoly players picked the sack of money over two other choices, a vintage biplane and a piggy bank.

So much for symbolism. So much for metaphor. A sack of money. The end of poetry in America. Next, they'll invent a game where the whole purpose is to amass as much wealth as possible and drive everyone else to financial ruin.

Pub Date: 3/17/99

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