25 years ago: Arobatic dancing? No. Arabic...


25 years ago: Arobatic dancing? No. Arabic dancing? No. It's Aerobic dancing, and its the program for the March 12 meeting of the Ida Dawson Circle for Young Mothers at Calvery United Methodist Church. Aerobic dancing is not merely exercising to music. It's a series of simple dances which improve and maintain cardiovascular and muscular fitness. -- the Community Reporter, March 8, 1974.

75 years ago: There was quite a little excitement on Liberty Heights Thursday evening. Harry Schwam on returning home from work noticed a flock of wild ducks in George E. Benson's garden. He gave the alarm and quite a crowd of sportsmen ran for their guns. Elmer Caple and Raymond Benson were the lucky ones to capture the game. Raymond Benson shot three and Mr. Caples caught one. There was great rejoicing over their evening's sport until a representative of our enterprising huckster, Paul Brown, put in his appearance and told them to come across with $1.50 each for his Indian Runner ducks, which took all the joy out of life. -- Democratic Advocate, March 14, 1924.

100 years ago: Mrs. Emma S. Powell, formerly Miss Emma W. Weybright of Double Pipe Creek and now of Baltimore, recently had a very trying experience. As she was leaving the store of Hochschild, Kohn & Co., Howard and Lexington streets, Anna Page, a female detective, arrested and took her to the Brown Detective Agency, where she was subjected to a number of questions as to some laces she had and finally taken into a private room and searched. She showed receipts for the goods bought and was then asked where she got the money to buy them. Her treatment seems to have been humiliating and outrageous, and she swore out warrants for assault against Miss Page and detectives David C. Smart and Oliver J. Miller. If Mrs. Powell proves her case, as seems certain she will, she ought to sue for heavy damages. There is too much suspicion indulged in by private detectives and they should be taught a lasting and severe lesson. -- Democratic Advocate, March 11, 1899.

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