Ripken Sr. great role modelThank you, John...


Ripken Sr. great role model

Thank you, John Steadman, for your thoughtful article on Cal Ripken Sr. ["In face of cancer, Ripken Sr. shows character," Feb. 28]. The good represented by Cal Ripken Sr. goes well beyond "what he has given to baseball and to the Orioles." His values, work ethic and personal generosity flourish every day at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Harford County.

Ten years ago, when the Aberdeen Boys & Girls Clubs was just starting, Cal Sr. and Cal Jr. held a baseball clinic that raised the club's first $20,000 in operating funds. Over the past decade, Cal Sr. has donated baseball memorabilia for Boys & Girls Clubs fund-raisers, provided scholarships for our kids to his baseball camp, and actively participated in more than 80 special club events.

Orioles fans will be gratified to know that Cal Ripken Sr.'s strong values and commitment to community are thriving every day at the Aberdeen, Edgewood and Havre de Grace Boys & Girls Clubs.

Don Mathis Bel Air

The writer is executive director of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Harford County.

Steadman's focus appreciated

John Steadman wrote a wonderful tribute to Cal Ripken Sr. It chronicled Mr. Ripken's lifelong effort of devotion to a singular purpose: contributing to the game of baseball in any way he could. He accomplished this in many deeply personal ways. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Ripken family as Mr. Ripken battles the scourge of cancer.

I also extend my appreciation to Mr. Steadman for all he has added to the rich heritage of sports in this town. His focus on integrity, courage and character has been a continuous reinforcement to the value of these traits.

To those of us senior enough to have experienced several eras of sports, these values were, and still are, as demonstrated by the Ripkens, the primary attributes of many outstanding athletes. I applaud Mr. Steadman's efforts.

Louis O. Olsen Timonium

Steadman is 'the real thing'

I would like to respond to some of the criticism directed by readers toward John Steadman.

He is a man of integrity and character. He has a wealth of knowledge and appreciation for life and sports that most of us will never comprehend. What you see is the real thing. A very decent, kind and considerate person who also happens to be one hell of a writer.

John does not dwell on nostalgia; he writes about people and history and what is good about life. Leave the character assassination to Ken Rosenthal and John Eisenberg. The cream always rises to the top.

Charlie Dorsey Pasadena

'C' coverage gets an 'F'

"Boo of the Week" goes to The Sun sports department for its indifferent coverage of the boys MIAA C Conference basketball championship game won by Chapelgate over Friends.

The B Conference championship won by McDonogh was covered by Derek Toney in professional detail, two columns wide by 10 inches high in some 450 words or more with bold, two-inch headlines.

The C Conference was obviously neglected -- not covered by anyone. It was described in all of 22 words, one column wide by one inch high.

It is really an insult to all the schools who participate in this group. They play just as hard as the A and B conferences and deserve equal time and credit.

Larry Wolf Columbia

Trash talk for Modell

As far as I'm concerned, Art Modell should refund all the money he got for the Ravens' stadium and head back to Cleveland.

He's another shyster who suckered the city and state out of money for his joke of a team.

The helmet designs would look fine on a trash can.

Joseph A. Dyson Baltimore

Pub Date: 3/07/99

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