School board wants kids in class, not...


School board wants kids in class, not mall?

Let me get this straight. The Carroll County Board of Education would rather its students hang out in the classroom than in the mall in the name of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

How insensitive.

Sophia Montgomery, Perry Hall

Balto. media need to mind own business

For the second morning in a row, I have read pieces in The Sun condemning the action of the Carroll County school board. The Baltimore news media is trying to pass off its opinions as though they were representative of Carroll County.

I understand the signifigance of Martin Luther King Jr.'s contribution to American history. I also understand it is important to celebrate his birthday. What I don't understand is the insistence on telling us how we must celebrate it.

The arrogance of the news media never ceases to amaze me. If our school board feels that it would benefit children to be in school on King's, Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays, so be it. You've got enough problems of your own without sticking your nose in ours.

Now let's talk about diversity.

It's such a "touchy feely" '90s word. Too bad it only applies to a small portion of the population. If a white community goes out of its way to look for minority teachers, it is diversity. If a white person feels that there are too many minority teachers in a community and suggests searching out more qualified white teachers, it's called racism.

If a teacher applies for a job in Carroll County and is qualified, hire her or him. If a teacher's color is the first thing that is considered, it's racism.

John Safley, New Windsor

Still relying on 'snail mail'?

Did you know that about half of all first-class mail now goes by fax or e-mail?

Since I haven't seen any fax numbers or an e-mail address in some of your columns, I was won- dering if you'regoing to join the 20th century before it is too late.

Travel time of a fax is about 30 seconds; an e-mail usually takes less than 60 seconds. It is easy to understand why this technology is replacing the normal channels. Can your readers look forward to Ann Landers' "going modern" in the near future?

We're all waiting with bated keyboards.

James A. Reidler Jr., Eldersburg

Pub Date: 2/28/99

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