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Steadman tells it like it isIn response...


Steadman tells it like it is

In response to some letters that have been critical of John Steadman: He tells it not only like it was, but he also tells it the way it is and how it should be. As an older Baltimore native and sports fan, it is really appreciated.

The Orioles' World Series gave big thrills, as did the Bullets of Buddy Jeannette and Gus Johnson and Wes Unseld, but there probably will never be a bigger thrill or excitement than the success of the Baltimore Colts -- seeing Lenny Moore break into the open, John Unitas throw to Raymond Berry, Gino Marchetti push aside two players to tackle the quarterback, and many more thrills, including the two world titles.

Some of us never get tired of being reminded of how great it was.

Ed Ward

Bel Air

In Steadman's defense

I am writing in response to the Feb. 21 letter by Francis Donohue regarding Sun columnist John Steadman and his supposed lack of ethics. Too often, people like Donohue "imagine" the amenities for a sports reporter's job without researching the facts.

In 1995, I walked with Mr. Steadman about 10 blocks to the Baltimore Arena for the NCAA basketball tournament. The parking privilege he enjoyed that day was in an alley behind Mercy Medical Center. Along the way, he pointed out his other favorite parking spots for past events at the Arena, some of which came with tickets compliments of the Baltimore City parking police.

My family has had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Steadman one other time. My wife waited in line for about half an hour for Mr. Steadman to sign his new book. He recognized her sacrifice for my Christmas present and proved again to be courteous and friendly.

Finally, I ask those like Donohue to stop the incessant criticism of Mr. Steadman for being "perpetually mired in the 1950s and '60s," an era before my time.

Mr. Steadman is paid by The Sun to write about sports figures from that time. And he does so in an engaging and eloquent manner thoroughly enjoyed by many. I wish to laud Mr. Steadman and hope he continues undeterred by the likes of Donohue.

Chris May


Swimming deserves coverage

I'm writing about the lack of coverage of the ACC women's swimming championships last weekend at the University of Maryland.

I know that swimming does not have a huge interest in the eyes of sports fans, but I feel that it deserves more than a two-sentence blurb in the Sports Digest. There should have been a small article at least discussing the results, especially because the meet was so close by and it was easy to get the information.

If the paper can devote two to three pages to ACC basketball or football for months on end, it should be able to at least have a small article on the swimming championships.

I enjoy reading the paper and hope that issues like this don't become a habit.

Kathie Swiss


Pick a logo and stick with it

I've been reading with great interest about the Ravens' logo controversy, which is presently forcing the team to change the logo on the team helmet.

It seems to me that when the Ravens were initially designing the uniform, they did the right thing by having so many logos designed from which to choose. I believe, however, that they did the wrong thing by choosing to use them all on various parts of the uniform as well as other accessories.

Whatever the club chooses this year -- for the helmet, the jerseys, etc. -- please stick with it. Make it our tradition and don't change it. Establish an identity and don't toy with it. Tradition used to mean something. Show us it still does.

Further, the club should realize that it is making enough money in this city for its product. It is unfair to expect the fans to replace their wardrobe every couple of years to keep up with pointless changes.

Mike Foudos


Why does soccer get the boot?

I am writing as a concerned reader and fan of soccer in the United States. I have to date noticed a decided lack of soccer coverage in The Sun,, except for occasional articles about the Blast and match reports.

In Baltimore, there will be a new professional team affiliated with the A-League, the Maryland Mania, playing in temporary quarters at UMBC until a stadium is built for them in Howard County. Columbia youth teams have won major tournaments throughout the country, or competed strongly against the strongest youth programs in the country.

All of this went basically unnoticed in The Sun, which concerns me since soccer is one of the most popular sports in Maryland.

Jon Boyer


Pub Date: 2/28/99

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