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Gregory J. Andrews, 47, chief executive officer...


Gregory J. Andrews, 47, chief executive officer of Carson Inc., the leading maker of ethnic personal-care products, died Sunday during a business trip in South Africa. He had been Carson's CEO about six months, and had been its president since September.

Carlos Hathcock II, 56, who killed 93 enemy soldiers as a Marine sniper in Vietnam and was awarded a Silver Star for saving seven Americans after a mine explosion, died Monday of multiple sclerosis in Virginia Beach, Va.

Howard Boatright, 80, a renowned musician and former dean of Syracuse University's School of Music, died Saturday in Syracuse, N.Y.

Walter Bresette, 51, a Chippewa treaty rights activist and environmental activist, died Sunday of a heart attack in Duluth, Minn. A member of the Red Cliff Chippewa band at the far northern tip of Wisconsin, he helped organize the Lake Superior Greens and later the Wisconsin Greens as a political party focused on environmental and social-justice issues.

Pub Date: 2/26/99

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