"My favorite book I read is 'Chester...


"My favorite book I read is 'Chester Cricket's New Home' by George Selden. It is about a cricket who has lost his home. Two ladies accidentally sat on it and fell into a brook. Chester had problems finding a new one. To find out more about Chester and his friends read 'Chester Cricket's New Home.' "

- Max Struever

Park School

"Our Wednesday Book Club read the story 'Daniel's Duck' by Clyde Robert Bulla. It took place in Tennessee in old times. People used wagons to travel, buckets for baths and people wore old time clothes. In the story, Daniel wanted to carve animals with his big brother Jeff. He made a good duck with its head turning backwards. At the fair, people laughed at his duck, and Daniel ran away."

- Whitney Brown, Correl Davis, Kevin Lee,

Donnita Watts, Arseendra Cockrell, Corey Braxton,

Shannon Little and Curtis Washington

Cherry Hill Elementary School

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