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White-supremacist fliers distributed at school; Address, Web site listed for Illinois-based group


White-supremacist fliers found tucked under windshield wipers Monday night at Westminster High School were signed by the same organization that a few students have joined, a school administrator said yesterday.

"Right now, it's just a few of them," said Assistant Principal Larry Ferguson. "But there are a lot of kids who are easily influenced. If parents know about this, it would help them talk to their kids."

Ferguson said some students have been found passing out literature or wearing stickers on their jackets promoting the World Church of the Creator, which calls itself anti-Christian and calls on white people to fight a revolution against nonwhites and Jews.

The organization has a Web site and refers to the Christian values of "love your enemies" and "blessed are the meek" as "suicidal."

"It's nothing but hate and the venom that comes out," Ferguson said.

He said the school has informed Maryland State Police about the students because of the hateful nature of the literature and given police their names.

Police have talked to the students' parents, some of whom were unaware their children were involved with the group, Ferguson said.

"Anytime we hear about anything, we jump on it as quickly as we can," Ferguson said.

The flier was found by school board members and others who attended a budget hearing Monday. The flier contains the address and Web site listed for the World Church of the Creator, based in East Peoria, Ill.

The organization was in the news last week because its leader, Matt Hale, 27, a recent law school graduate, has been denied a license to practice law by the state of Illinois.

A three-lawyer panel appointed by the Illinois Supreme Court ruled 2-1 in December that Hale's racist views conflict with the rights of equal protection under the law, according to a Monday evening broadcast on National Public Radio.

Ferguson said there were several events at the school Monday night, including a girls' basketball game against Urbana High School of Frederick and a recreational league wrestling match. School officials don't know who distributed the fliers, he said.

He said he knew of no calls or complaints from students or parents who found the fliers, but that staff members were offended by it. He said he had not had a chance to check with all of the other administrators about complaints they might have fielded.

School Board President Gary Bauer said he was shocked when he read the flier yesterday morning.

He had pulled it off his windshield in the dark, carried it in with his other papers and didn't read it until the next day.

"I took it for what it was and threw it in the trash," he said.

Board member Ann Ballard did the same, not reading it until she got home.

"How offensive, isn't it?" she said. "I can't believe somebody would be distributing that on school property, because you have to get permission from the principal."

Pub Date: 2/24/99

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