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Dow-contest predictions range from 11,999 clear down to 1,776


MORE OF your predictions on where the Dow Jones average will end this year:

"Higher consumer spending, low interest rates, zero inflation and better earnings will propel the Dow to 11,999 at year-end." (Marion Grden, Baltimore)

"Stocks will go up because people will buy more things dealing with the old and new centuries. I predict 10,558." (Bruce Johnson, Baltimore)

The Dow will close this year at 10,500 because our economy is strong and I see no reason for it to weaken." (Bambi Turner, Baltimore)

"Dow will rise and close year at 10,666. Reasons: Regular contributions to 401(k)s and IRAs will continue to push stocks higher." (Anthony Marmmarella, Ellicott City)

"When stocks of companies yet to earn a dime sell for hundreds of dollars a share, the end of this insanity is close. Sorry, but I predict 1,776." (Henry Schwartz, Pikesville)

"The Dow will decline 10 percent to 8,262 because of current conditions of other nations in the world." (Tyanna Hightower, Baltimore)

"Early this year the Dow was up almost 4 percent, and that usually foretells its end of-the year status. I say 9,874." (Tynisha Squire, Baltimore)

Pub Date: 2/24/99

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