Just for kids


Be a 4Kids Detective

1. At Freezone, what is the first rule to become an e-pal?

2.At MaMaMedia you can play Zap, Romp, Buzz and ____

Zoning In on Fun

Connect with friends from around the world at Curiocity's Freezone, the Internet community where kids come to interact with other kids. Get in the game at http://www. freezone.com because it's time to serve up your creative skills to an online audience. Submit your favorite jokes to the Giggleplex, find an e-mail pal from a foreign country, or join the conversation at the Chat Box. It's girls against boys at the Gender Bender Quiz, while NewzFlash offers up the latest news for kids, by kids. If you fancy yourself a journalist, then join the Freezone as a junior reporter. You'll even find a celebrity interview with Weird Al Yankovic! Ready to make your own homepage? You'll learn how at the Home Page Constructor. And if you run into computer problems along the way, do pay a visit to your caring friends at the Tech Know Team. Don't forget to create your own far-out and funny story at Moose Libs. Zone in to this interactive playground now!

Zap, Buzz and Romp

There's a digital party happening on the Net, complete with rock lobsters, punk rockers and ice cream! At MaMaMedia, you'll find a Web site that's totally interactive and incredibly wild. It's time to get playful at http://www.mamamedia.com/ Head over to Romp, where you'll learn about the hottest places on the Internet, including sites about dinosaurs, sports, pets and more. Or check out the Buzz, the spot to enjoy kids' stories, poems and pictures - or send in your very own! Check out some cartoons and games, or take time out to make some new friends. You'll learn how to make a Dig Sig - short for digital signature - or make noisy pictures at Stamps and Stomps. If urban planning is your thing, be sure to build and save your own Web city in Presto. It's party time!

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